Integral Media Resource Persons

Integral Media Resource Persons are professionals trained and experienced in media, ranging from design, editing, proof-reading and digital technology handling.

Our people have rich experience in desktop publishing, web design, interactive media programming, writing, editing and concept development. The team has often conceptualized brilliant media ideas for clients and produced notable market designs and products that equate the highest international standards. Samples are available on request.

The Integral team has expertise in the following:

• Concept development for corporate branding materials, including logos and advertorials
• Design of publicity and marketing materials, including fliers, banners and posters
• Design of material for press advertisement and broadcast quality video advertisement
• Multimedia design, including interactive CDs, DVDs and both online and offline websites
• Conceptualization, layout and design of high end magazines, newsletters, company profiles, scripts and annual reports
• Full range of services for design and production of international quality books, with professional editing, design and registration for copyrights and ISBN
• Integral also has a field outreach team that promotes its products countrywide. The team can assist clients with market research, product promotion activities and other market-based corporate solutions.

On the verge

Hello! We are living in exciting times - digital times. Each day comes with amazing new innovations and products, and we dare say no one has the capacity to fully keep up - so many of us play catch up! Ant that is all in order, as long as you do have a...