On the verge

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Hello! We are living in exciting times – digital times. Each day comes with amazing new innovations and products, and we dare say no one has the capacity to fully keep up – so many of us play catch up! Ant that is all in order, as long as you do have a role to play sometimes in setting the pace in the “keep up with me” league.

Now, that’s where Integral Media steps in. We are on the verge of releasing a new product for one of our niche markets. In the form of a revolutionary app. We are confident of its place in the market as a need.

But of course if you are a seasoned digital actor you will know that in the digital space the taste is truly in the eating; only the customer will tell how great (or useless our concept is).

Luckily, we, as communication and media people, are used to both success and failure, with a larger measure of the former, thank God!

So, keep with us and you will soon learn of the new stuff we are up to. For now, it’s back to the digital workshop!

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